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3 min readOct 8, 2020

Writing an effective trainers bio for your Global Trainers Academy profile is the foundation that your course hinges on. A powerful and optimized write-up about yourself will leave an abiding impression, that generates good traffic and converts into more followers for your online course. Trainers should utilize the bio section to highlight their training and work experience, credibility in the subject matter, and showcase their acquired skills in the field. Your introduction has the power to influence people in choosing the online course and eventually builds trust between the learner and the trainers.

Follow the steps below to write a comprehensive yet concise bio to build credibility and connection with your course audience.

Highlighting Relevant Facts:

The foremost challenging part of writing an effective bio is deciding what you need to include. Your bio’s initial 150 words are vital. These primary three lines should be about you and the course introduction. Here you must include your educational background, training and teaching experience, important career achievements and significant statistics relevant to your course material. It is also important to mention your highest job title, your expertise, awards you have won, certificates, and publications that you have written. This gives your audience a sneak preview of your area of expertise and what to expect from your course.

Know your Audience:

Take time to comprehend your audience, know their age group, what educational background they come from, their location and what kind of training they are looking for?

Researching your target audience is a proven formula to ensure that you are the right trainer for them. Highlight this question in the primary portion of your bio.

Targeting Relevant Keywords:

The first three lines of your introduction must have keywords related to your subject matter. These keywords are your course navigators, once a learner comes to the website and searches for a specific course, your keywords act like a bridge between you and your targeted audience. This also ensures that your course reaches relevant people and brings the right engagement.

Length of the Bio:

Online audiences have a very short attention span, so writing a concise bio is the best tip to follow. The length should be a minimum of 8 lines and a maximum of 15 lines, try not to exceed more than this.

Provide significant proof of your experience:

Always add social proof of your experience to the audience to demonstrate your skills and expertise. Mention the organizations you have worked in, prominent personalities you have trained, and how many workshops you have conducted. Add the most achievable experience and also if any articles you have published in magazines or newspapers.

Use a high-quality image:

Do not upload pixelated, animated, or caricatured versions of yourself . Uploading a high definition, a professional picture of yourself will provide an authentic touch to your profile.

Tips to follow:

- Always make sure you write your bio in an active voice.

- Editing is a true game-changer. Put down all the pointers and edit to achieve perfection.

- Present your achievement in the form of a story to make it interesting.

- Start your bio with the course relevance.

- Use keywords for a better reach.

- Make sure that bio doesn’t have any grammar mistakes and has a proper sentence formation.

- Structure your information in terms of the timeline — Keep the important achievements first.

- Connect your skills with the course.

- For a more interesting bio, share your career story and add a link to your professional website.

Your bio is a written representation of your personality. It is a first glimpse that showcases who you are to your audience. Adding your unique touch to it will make you stand out among the crowd. Be yourself while writing the bio. These tips will definitely help you to write an effective bio to get your desired audience enrolling in your online course on Global Trainers Academy.



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