How to ‘WOW’ your audience

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2 min readAug 21, 2020


Inspiring an audience is not everyone’s tintype. The main objective of a training program is to influence the audience to convert the training into actionables. Entertaining the audience and great interpersonal communication will help you know your audience better. These 5 techniques will help you improve your public speaking skills and leave your audience enthralled.

Speak confidently:

Speaking confidently is a pivotal asset of a great personality. It brings the attention of viewers and automatically connects and engages them with the course. You should maintain the same level of confidence throughout the video. One of the most detrimental aspects of less self confidence is that it could directly affect your brand and personality.

Maintain Consistency:

Don’t talk excessively quick or slow. Talking too fast will create a negative impression and also indicates a lack of clear enunciation.

Listeners won’t have clarity of message and they end up misunderstanding you. While the entire video at a slow pace will bore the audience and soon they will lose interest. The volume of your tone also plays an important aspect in the video process. Always make sure that your pace is consistent and at the average speaking rate and audible to your audience.

Pay attention to your body language and facial expressions:

Your audience makes a choice within minutes about if they trust you or not. This time is normally used by them to notice small details such as the way you carry yourself, your body language and facial expressions.

These play a pivotal role because the audience can only connect with you through your expressions and body language. Do not make a lot of gestures or move your hand unnecessarily, also, looking here and there will reduce your audience’s retention. A gentle smile will attract the audience and help spread positive vibes all around.

Avoid filler words like ‘ums or ahs’:

Always keep in mind that when you are the speaker — filler words are the ‘killer’. The filler words are those pauses and missteps like ‘yah, um, ahh, oh, like’ that we often use to fill gaps in conversations. Filler words stipulate a lack of confidence and show that you are not fully aware about what you are addressing. So it’s best to avoid these filler words, in order to execute a successful training.

Do a trial run:

‘Practise makes a man perfect’! No matter how packed your schedule is, always make sure to go through a trial run. The trial run will help you to arrange your thoughts systematically, find a flow for your topic, and boost your confidence — ultimately resulting in a great video. You can figure out your weaknesses during the trial run and rework on the same to avoid those from recurring in your final presentation.



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