How to record a video for your Global Trainers Academy online course?

First, let’s begin with setting up your camera :

  • Straight Angle: Recording a course video should be formal, so your camera should not be placed in left, right or reflex angle, it should be straight. This angle helps you to maintain eye contact with your audience.

Second, let’s fix your lighting setup:

  • Back-lighting: Avoid back-lighting, it can spoil the whole video. Sitting in front of the window or light can distract your audience.
  • Low Lighting: Low-lighting will not add any impact to the video. The final output will look dull and choppy in this lighting.
  • Natural Light: If you are shooting indoors during day time, make can use your window for natural light. Natural light gives a realistic output.
  • Soft Light: Soft light is the combination of hard light and shadows. It adds a warm and pleasant tone in your output that can attract the audience.

Third, let’s connect your video with the best sound setup:

  • Use Microphone: Microphone is an important part of the audio. You can pair the microphone with headsets to avoid the background sound. Make use of USB mics, boundary mics, or ribbon mics
  • Background Noise: Avoid background noise to produce clear audio recording. Turn off the air conditioner, television, washing machine, and close the door to avoid capturing any external noise in your video.
  • Switch Off Mobile Phone: The most important, if you are recording from a camera, switch off your mobile phone. Calls, messages and notification sounds can distract you and your audience. When you are recording from a mobile phone then make sure you switch the network to flight mode to avoid in-between calls and messages

Fourth and Final, let’s give you some great background setup

  • Plain Background: The benefit of using the solid-colored background is that the audience will only focus on you and your content.
  • Avoid the Clutter: Clutter can make your video look messy and causes distractions. Avoid sitting in front of things that can distract your audience from seeing your board or your face.



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