How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Your Course Audience?

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3 min readAug 28, 2020

How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Your Course Audience?

Social media is undoubtedly an effective digital marketing tool to help you boost your online training course awareness. It can also enable you to build your reputation and provide more value to your online training business. It is a powerful platform to connect with your potential customers and build your training network. With the right strategies, you can convert your followers and change them into your Global Trainers Academy (GTA) course audience. The various social media platforms can change your training business from ordinary to extraordinary. They can help increase your course recognition, build your customer base, and thereby increase your return on investment!

This blog will inform you about how to leverage social media to convert your fans and followers into your customers.

Know Your Followers

Take out time to know your followers to have a clear picture of your target audience. Go through their profiles to find out about their liking and interests. When you know your target audience better, you can create meaningful courses and that compel your followers to take up.

Stay Active and Engage with Your Followers Constantly

Update your social media pages on a regular basis. Set yourself apart from the rest by always posting something knowledgeable and of value to your followers. At the same time, make sure that you reply to all comments, messages, and questions at your earliest. This will not only help you create an authentic experience with your fans and followers but also increase the chances of their getting converted into customers.

Maintain consistency while posting on social media. To add more value to it, refer to the heat map and select the best time slot when your followers are active on social media. Interact with them to further develop their interest in the courses you offer.

Strategize Your Posts Around Your Courses

Inform your followers about the kind of courses you offer, the course are you planning to develop or have recently developed, what are the benefits of taking your course, what all would the learners be able to achieve by the end of the course, and so on. This will not only keep your followers informed about your expertise and business but also help them make an informed decision. Your followers’ feedback and interactions on your posts can further help you plan your future posts and even make modifications to the courses if needed.

Build Relationships

Make efforts to build relationships with your followers. Respond to your followers’ clarifications, comments, and feedback. Remember, your followers want to interact with you. Once you respond to their comments, they feel acknowledged. This helps build the connection and trust that will eventually help you pitch your courses to them.

Establish Your Credibility

Be authentic and promise only what your course can deliver. Your followers are intelligent people. Never try to fool them by some marketing gimmick or try to sell a course that fails to reach up to your audience’s expectations.

We trust that this blog gave you enough insights into maintaining a great community that follows you, acknowledges your efforts, and eventually helps you to monetize your knowledge through your courses.



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