An amazing year for Global Trainers Academy

2020 has majorly impacted the Learning & Development industry. The Pandemic disrupted traditional educational settings and gave rise to online training sessions to accommodate the new normal of social distancing.

Online training has empowered trainers with the flexibility to train and impart their knowledge regardless of any geographical boundary. It has also given an ancillary boost to the trainers to network and market their courses globally. This year, the professionals gained new responsibilities beyond their traditional training system.

From changing their traditional training process to now investing time to make the online training sessions more creative and self-explanatory, trainers are taking a dynamic and strategic role in the pre-planning process, and post-planning process of creating an online course that associates with the target audience.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Global Trainers Academy is a democratic platform with a mission to empower learners by providing the right skills, knowledge, and different learning experiences at their fingertips through the power of technology.

A quick recap of 2020 and how Global Trainers Academy is creating a transformational platform for trainers and learners globally!

2020 was magical for us! As being part of society, we contributed, supported, and empowered many trainers that actively trained more than 5,000 learners globally. This year we introduced many cost-effective and easily accessible features that made the training process tranquil and simplify complex processes.


We introduced 5 new features to empower our trainers that made the process easier and effective.

Here is a glimpse of the features that makes Global Trainers Academy an extraordinarily online training platform

Feature-1: Ready platform to upload training courses:

Global Trainers Academy gave freedom to trainers and learners to train and learn at their own pace, and at a convenient time through self-learning courses. Trainers could create training courses of their expertise by providing learning materials, and resources like PowerPoints, videos, books, and sessions. Learners could access the course’s download according to their requirements.

Feature-2: Customize your assessment:

We introduced a Know Yourself Assessment for trainers. Here the trainers got insights into the personality, strengths, and core interests of their learners. Trainers could build and customize assessments or tests for learners based on the course.

Feature-3: Transparent transactions with price estimator:

Global Trainers Academy offers transparent transactions through a price estimator feature which helps you evaluate a course’s approximate earning. Our hassle-free course price estimator calculates and breaks down the charges into training session fees, GST, Admin charges, Payment Gateway charges, and total in-hand revenue for trainers.

Feature-4: Secured banking for all transactions:

No more banking confusions. Trainers can avail of the secured in-built bank account with Global Trainers Academy by providing bank name, branch name, IFSC code, and account number

Feature-5: Personalised digital ID:

A trainer’s digital ID is their visiting card as they can share it with their ordinates. Global Trainers Academy’s exclusive digital ID consists of your personal information like email address, contact info, address, and training details. Trainers can begin conversations with their prospects by sharing their digital ID card first and then their portfolio or public profile.

Recognition and accolades for all the hard work

Industrial experts joined our transformation journey as well-wishers

Purva Kakade: A well-known soft skill trainer, socialite, and social worker. She is actively supporting our mission of taking online training and learning beyond boundaries.

Rashmi Mhadgut Andhari: An expert business consultant, strategist, and trainer. She is working towards transforming the training industry with Global Trainers Academy.

Juzer Master: A well-known coach, and founder of Aptitude English Academy. He is recommending our expert courses and programs.

Farida Shabbir Mala: Numerologist, influencer, and women empowerment activist. She guides our mission of transforming lives through learning.

Master courses of the year by our expert trainers

Course Name: Time Management

Master trainer: Brigadier Sushil Bhasin

  • 50 years of experience
  • Impacted 1,00,000 executives
  • Conducted over 800 programs
  • Author of 6 books

This course is a bit hit of the year as the learners from wide locations enrolled and empowered themselves through the course subjects. The Time Management course is still online, you can enroll it anytime.

This course offers:

-Strategies to unlock potential and create a positive mindset before exams

- Identify the time killers and solve roadblocks

-Streamlining tasks by infusing effective time management

Course Name: Emotional Intelligence

Master Trainer: Shankar Vishwanath

-With over 6 years of experience as a corporate trainer

-Founder of Capri 3 Consultants, a firm that provides Training & Development solutions

-He has won the Best Trainer Talk Award in 2017

This course offers:

-Guides to unlock the powerful strategies of EQ

-Uncover the powerful emotions

-Improve and empower your Emotional Intelligence.

-Tap into the power of emotions

Global Trainers Academy becomes powerful! 5000+ people strong, the Academy empowers, with the right skills and direction to trainers and learners worldwide. Global Trainers Academy is the finest platform for trainers which gives them the potential to empower themselves in the training industry.

Discover effective training for best learning. Global Trainers Academy passionately provides distance education at your fingertips by training the right skills and giving the right knowledge. With GTA, you can experience comprehensive training, improve understanding, and unlock your learning possibilities under expert advice.



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