Five Qualities that Every Trainer Should Possess

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3 min readSep 25, 2020

A trainer is known to create a profound impact on the growth of a learner’s profession or their skills by inspiring them to reach their highest output. According to research, 90% of clients who hired a trainer were satisfied with the experience and credit them to be a major source of inspiration behind their transformation. A phenomenal trainer can change the perception of the learners by delivering an effective training program.

80% of learners reported that a trainer accelerated their self-confidence by their capacity to listen intently, and guide them without judgement. Training is exceptionally beneficial to professionals, individuals and organisations in building their morale, inculcating success habits, and providing the right knowledge based skills that would help them reach their professional and personal growth.

This blog is dedicated to help the trainers to get an insight on qualities that goes beyond active listening, product training and powerful communication skills to make them successful, renowned and a huge hit among the learners.

Trainers are well versed in their subject:

Learners demand elaborative and practical training sessions that capture the essence of industry that they want to enter. From deep analysis of the market, practical strategies, opportunities, obstacles to new aged technology development a trainer needs to have a finger in the pulse of new trends. Going beyond the usual communication techniques and delivering key information effectively in your training program is what sets a trainer apart from his peers.

Trainers are course leaders:

Taking complete ownership of the programs like deciding the training topics, production, sessions, engagements and the outcome of the session, a trainer is responsible to deliver an end to end training journey. A trainer isn’t just accountable to execute training sessions. He is additionally responsible to design a well structured interactive course that is tailored to his audience and fulfills all the learning needs. A top notch trainer will build their course and adjust their training to reach maximum target audience.

Trainers are strategic thinker:

A strategic thinker is always well-planned and has an eye on the final output and they don’t compromise on training quality. A strategic trainer knows the industry in and out and uses his business acumen to add value to the learners. They examine the revenue, cost, return of investments and expectations which gives the trainer a deep understanding of the viability of conducting the training.

Trainers are change makers

Mahatma Gandhi famously said that ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’. A trainer has the power to change the lives of millions by providing the right skills and knowledge. They inspire, influence, and guide a person to grow and succeed in their lives. With result oriented training sessions, they can encourage the learners to perform better and bring the best version of themselves.

Trainers are forever learners:

‘Feedback is the breakfast of champions.’ No matter how prominent a trainer is, they should consider the feedback seriously. Feedback is part of a trainer’s training session because it reflects their work. It is always a good idea to get feedback from the learners to perform better. Therefore, a trainer needs to be a keen learner and very adaptive to the dynamic environment.

In today’s dynamic workforce, change is the only constant. The industry standards are ever changing. New skills, processes and in trend knowledge base would always be in demand. A trainer needs to be consistently prepared to evaluate and guide their learners with sustainable solutions. A good trainer changes the game, but a great trainer can change a life. The trainers are considered as the pillars of knowledge, transformational mentors, and navigators to attain success.



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