Evolution of Teaching to Training Online

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2 min readJan 3, 2020


The greatness of teaching is related to trainers and learners who proudly exhibit the training profession and learning with magnanimity.

“You transformed my life and I have grown as a successful person today”, we always say this when we meet our teachers with a wonderful smile in our face, isn’t it! It is always perceived that a great student achieves biggest milestone once they are prepared for tomorrow from a training school. However, when we look upon who has been the root cause of the learner’s achievement, we tend to realize that training is such a noble profession!

Many people continue to say that choosing coaching as a noble profession despite people, arguing the idea or approach in learning has changed worldwide. Those were the days’ were trainers were remembered not only as selfless but would try hard ways of helping their learners and get self-satisfaction when learners achieve in life.

Today, due to the awareness of training programs with online learning benefits, teachers are proud of their profession and take concrete steps towards their nature of work making it nobler! In the effect of changing roles in the modern world, coaches and domain experts have positively responded towards this progressive shift in the coaching and mentoring industry. Trainers now have ample of scope and direction to target the right audience for showcasing and monetizing their extraordinary training pedagogies having their personalized corner.

The innovation of technology in eLearning training schools has been beneficial in the long run to understand the mindset of knowledge seekers and respond to their needs. Various training programs, enable trainers to offset and solve the learner’s challenges that are faced now and then. So, they are also now known as co-creators of knowledge, educators, etc.

The Role of Co-Creators of Knowledge

Earlier, trainers and coaches were the only sources of knowledge and there weren’t many avenues of gathering thoughts for self-evaluation. Now with easy access to training schools, tutors and learners have access to information and wide sources with which they can transform information into skilled knowledge and become co-creators of knowledge using self-directed learning from GTA.

Enrolling in GTA, mentors, and mentees can benefit with training programs where they get an optimistic chance to have a psychological understanding attitude between them. Knowledge is now redefined, where learners can become trainers down the lane and train with skilled knowledge. Additionally, they can safeguard their interests in tutoring and have a personal certified teaching brand.

Thus, this creates a connection between trainers and knowledge seekers and experience tutoring as a noble profession.



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