Debunking 5 Myths About The Power Of Video Training

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3 min readOct 1, 2020

2020 has revolutionized the world of video training forever. Video training is gaining popularity as most of the education and coaching sessions are deviating from the traditional path of being offline and transitioning towards an online approach. An online training video aims at educating the learners about a specific topic or skills on a learning management system (LMS).

Video training has transformed the education and teaching ecosystem. It’s been reported that India’s e-learning market is the second largest after the US which is forecasted to grow by 15.64 percent and exceed $48 billion by 2020.

According to The Impact of Broadcast, 68% of educators believe that video content stimulates discussions, and 62% believe that video helps teachers train effectively.

Video training is a trend that is doing rounds around the internet. Trainers who want to venture into the world of video training, but couldn’t because of their own reservations and myths that’s associated with it .

In this blog, we are debunking five common myths about video training. It’s an easy process and we want to empower all the trainers to hop on the bandwagon and effectively teach their students.

MYTH-1: Videos are difficult to produce and expensive

It is the biggest myth that video training is difficult to produce and is expensive. A successful video doesn’t need an expensive studio, team or big-budget production kit, it only requires good and engaging content. With the accessibility to technology, video making and production has become easy. The training sessions need to be clear, concise and topic should be well communicated. A simple video content of the topic is a good place to start with, soon you can advance to animated and graphic content. To begin, the trainers can start with recording the video on their phone and edit the lighting, angles, and sound using free editing softwares.

MYTH-2: Video training is less effective:

Video training is a fast-growing medium of learning. Studies have found that video training format has a beneficial impact on the learners’ capacity to retain information. It allows one-on-one interaction with the learners. According to SAVO Group research, employees forget 65 percent of training materials and theories learned in seven days. To assist this memory gap, the study states that video presentations can make 9% easier to recall than the text content.

MYTH-3: Trainers are camera shy:

Don’t underestimate the trainers.This myth states that a trainer is more realistic, interactive, and communicative during live sessions but not during recorded videos. With changing trends of learning and training, they have adapted to the dynamic environment. Good trainers can easily bridge the communication gap between the live session and pre-recorded video. But in reality, trainers have equal confidence and the same energy as they have in live sessions.

MYTH-4: The shorter video training session is better

If trainers think that shorter videos will give them better engagement than longer duration videos then they are wrong. Short videos are a good way to engage with learners on social media, however when it comes to comprehensive training about the topic it’s better to have detailed video covering all important topics. Learners expect a complete guide of information with examples and visuals in the video to make the subject easy to understand.

MYTH-5: Video training obstruct engagement:

Video training is an art. Trainers can come-up with different video concepts to explain the particular subject. Video training can be customized and designed according to the needs of the course. It is more engaging than in-person training. Research by Forrester shows that employees will feel better watching a video by 75% than reading emails or web articles. Video training attracts people and engages more than lectures or formal training. Trainers have a chance to get more creative with their training process.

According to research, video consumption through mobile devices rises by 100% every year, and 6 out of 10 people already prefer watching an online video. This should be a good motivation for all the trainers to pull out their video cameras, record and publish their first course on Global Trainers Academy. Hope that we have addressed your concerns and empowered you to begin your video training journey.



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